Rohit Jakhar

- Android Developer.

Try to spent life peacefully.

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Building Scalable Application

Building applications is fun. I love creating scalable, development tools and building services that power the future of the app. I'm excited to be working with you to bring your vision to life.

Redesigning User Experience

Creating user friendly interfaces is an art that takes time. It's important to test your designs on the early adopters of technology. I can help you build seamless designs and user experience.

Building a Community

It's important to have the ability to collaborate with other people so you can better your skills, share your ideas, and network. I'm building up a community on discord for everyone to grow together.


Win Hashnode x HarperDB Hackathon

Build Project using HarperDB as a backend within 30 days. I got 7th position in runner-up out of 75 participate.

Win Hashnode x Auth0 Hackathon

Build Project using Auth0 as a authentic service within 30 days. I got 7th position in runner-up out of 75 participate.

Building a Community

Take Part in Hacktoberfest in 2021 and 2021 and complete 4 pull request in open-source project.

Want to Build Your New Idea?

Your idea is great! I know it can be very hard to find an individual who is committed to helping you create it. You can feel comfortable that I don't just have the know-how to help you create your ideas, but I also have the skillset to help you grow your application. I can help you make your application stand out in today's competitive market, all while using the proper technologies that are proven to yield the best results.

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